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The Fashion Room Service

In an effort to link the city of Athens and Thessaloniki to events abroad and give room for artistic expression through various creative means, the team of OZON Raw magazine presents a new series of events titled The Fashion Room Service.

The concept is simple and tested abroad with great success:

1 afternoon, 1 hotel, 20 rooms, 20 participating designers and labels, 1 party.

These constitute what we call The Fashion Room Service.

For one evening one central hotel in Athens and one in Thessaloniki will open their doors to the public. Customised, by the participants, rooms will be awaiting the public and guests of The Fashion Room Service to see up close and try the creations of their favourite labels, in a creative meeting of guests, trading partners from Greece and abroad, magazine editors, producers, stylists, photographers, artists, journalists, beauty editors, fashion editors, fashion bloggers, readers and fans of OZON RAW Magazine and generally the city’s fashion and art crowd.
The event will be accompanied by music of selected DJs and the night will end with a party at the hotel’s bar.

The participating designers and companies will have the opportunity, through this unique happening, to present to the public samples of their collections and communicate with a more creative way their aesthetics in their customized hotel rooms.