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summer days

_DSC0209.jpg_DSC0214.jpg_DSC0244.jpg_DSC0200.jpg_DSC0253.jpg_DSC0264.jpg_DSC0218.jpg_DSC0215b.jpgphotos by: Christina Xyda

photos by: Christina Xyda

Being a windsurf athlete for almost a decade makes it impossible for me to forget my habits. The recent "sporty" trend has been my everyday uniform when I was a teen and of course it's my favourite trend of the moment; I mix it with others depending on my mood for a successful and occasion-appropriate outfit. Moreover visiting the place where I was born and grew up at, while doing some windsurf every now and then is obligatory for my every day summer days.

hoodie: superdry • swimwear: calzedonia • shorts: nizal • watch: hannah adamaszek • personalised surf addict fashionista purse: seventyone percent • sunglasses: balenciaga

Special thanks to "Nokb Windsurfing Club" for the location. If you are in Athens I suggest that you should try some windsurf lessons at the beautiful gulf of Vouliagmeni. Check the poster on the pictures for details.

location: Vouliagmeni (nokv)