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in harmony

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photos by: Christina Xyda

kimono dress: zara • necklace: miss mad • sunglasses: balenciaga

Back to my travel stories. On the South-West part of Chios lies a charming castle town, called Mestá. The beautiful medieval treasure is one of the seven villages of Mastichochoria, made of castle towers, ancient churches and magnificent stone houses. It was built between the 14th and 16th centuries, in a labyrinth layout with fortified gates and narrow streets to protect against the frequent raids by marauding pirates.

You should definitely try the delicious traditional dishes cooked with famous Chios products, such as mastic, or have a glass of soumáda, a traditional drink made of almonds.

When you visit a historical village like this, it's important to be in harmony with the place, so in order to feel like you are in a fairytale I would suggest you wear something airy, yet comfortable and just live the moment. 

location: Mestá, Chios Island, Greece