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delightful getaway

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photos by: Christina Xyda

dress: zara • shoes: all star converse • bra: urban outfitters • necklace: Miss Mad • sunglasses: balenciaga • bracelets: billabong, miss mad, ilivehere • watch: hannah adamaszek 

Next destination on my "mini tour" around Greece this summer was the village of Makrinitsa. This pure jewel is situated in the northwestern part of the Pelion mountains and northeast of the city of Volos. Makrinitsa is one of the most famous and beautiful, at the same time, villages, hanging on the side of the amazingly green mountain of Pelio. Once you visit this dreamy place you will be amazed by it's unique beauty and will never want to leave. This floral dress was my choice, while out and about in the village, just to match the background.

location: Makrinitsa, Pelion, Greece

instagram: #reastravelstories