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Beach Wedding Dresses

This is maybe one of the best seasons to get married especially in Greece, and i can't think of anything more romantic than a beach wedding that comes with a beach wedding dress! Whether you choose a beautiful greek island, or any other amazing place around the world by the sea, you should look absolutely stunning in your wedding dress!
This decision is probaply the most difficult and that's why i want to share woth you one very cool site i've disovered! If you don't wish to spend a fortune on your wedding gown, but don't want to give up on style or quality this site is one of the best options for you! It offers a great variety of styles and colors, from simple but elegant straight gown that won't restrain your movement (if you are on a boat, at the beach or by the pool), to more classic voluminous ones but with a very modern approach!
And even if you are not getting married this season, check their beach wedding collection, for some great inspiration for you or your brides-to-be friends!

Find them here.
Here are a few of my favorite ones!Enjoy!