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 H&M Crochet Bikini

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photos: Mandy Foudoulakilocation: Kavouri beach, Vouliagmeni, GreeceHello loves! Before we begin, I owe you a huge apologise for my long absence. There was so much going on in my life for the last month that I literally had no time to breath. After exploring Canada, moving back to Greece and organising a couple of parties, I am back to base and ready to take action. Now let's talk about bikinis!The hottest bikini trend right now screams for "crochet bikinis". We have actually seen them a lot the last couple of years, but they are currently on their peek. As everything in fashion, they've had their ups and downs, however they still stand strong. If you think that my grandma used to have one in the 60's, you can imagine how popular they used to be throughout the decades.Stay tuned in order to find all about this seasons swimwear trends!xx Reacrochet bikini top: h&m • crochet bikini bottom: h&m • sunglasses: balenciaga • silk scarf: from South Africa