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Around Rome


I did my best to get some pictures with good quality, as my partner in crime aka Ziza Nius was in Athens. Well I stayed in Rome for 5 days – 4 nights and I was constantly on the move, so my pictures do not meet my expectations but anyways. I saw most of everything and I had such a great time. I brought something back with me of course, something to remember my beautiful trip .. a jacket. That was an inside joke before I left Athens but then guess what .. I have a jacket. I will show it to you at an upcoming post and I’ll tell you the story of it. So about Rome, too many tourists though it was not a high season. Only good food, obviously similar to ours, you know.. pasta, pizza, tiramisu, panna cotta and ice cream (I didn’t have much though) but waaayyy better. Oh and they have these things with ricotta cheese, cannoli. Yesh please cannoli. I’m in love with cannoli !! Nice and welcoming people, their culture is not that different from ours, so I was feeling pretty much like home. Crazy Romans just like us. Last but not least too many monuments and historical attractions to see. I could suggest you some worthwhile places to visit if you are around, some of them are : Humana Vintage for some serious second hand clothing, Antica Manifattura Cappelli for extraordinary hats, La Cannoleria Siciliana for perfect cannoli, Caffe greco (the oldest in town) for delicious hot chocolate, Da Vito e Dina for “fapulous” pasta, Da Gino for yummy food and orgasmic tiramisu, if you want something more gourmet you have to visit La Veranda, La Pratolina for supreme Italian pizza and Pizzarium for pizza to go, they are pro.