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Around Prague

Christmas in Prague and to be precise 23-28 December. Perfect time in a perfect city. One of the most beautiful European capitals. The medieval architecture of the buildings and the site itself are majestic. The city is small in terms of transport, you can easily walk all around instead of going by boring trains and buses, something that I really enjoyed. I am dying getting lost in streets when the weather is good and in Prague it was really fine, actually sunny. At first I was afraid because we were told that everything would be close these days .. instead,  most of the restaurants and bars were open. In addition there were street markets in the center of the town and some of the stores open. In Prague you can get descent shopping options in comparison to other European cities but compared to Athens .. way better. You can stroll along Parizska for some luxurious purchases or get lost in Czech designers’ showrooms and thrift shops. Some of the places that are worth visiting are Tonak for high quality hats, Leeda for clean Czech lines, J&M Levna Moda (36 Dlouha Street, beacause I am not really sure about the name) for second hand treasures, Luxury Outlet Parizska 25 for sure and Manufactura for some Czech organic cosmetics. Concerning the food, my recommendations for breakfast are Cafe Savoy, Home Kitchen, Pasta Cafe, Hotel Imperial and Bake Shop Praha. At lunch time you should totally try Lokal or Dish and for dinner if you are feeling fancy visit La Degustasion, Palffy Palac and Coda. Then you can treat yourself a drink or two in Black Angels and Hemingway. Last but not least you have to taste a Trdelnik (traditional sweet) from Good Food, these things are just sick. Well don’t mind my photography skills, I miss my partner. Till the next one .. xoxo